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 and nature back together

R.I.P. Green Hearts

Green Hearts was a nonprofit conservation organization dedicated to restoring and strengthening the bonds between children and nature.

    Green Hearts has now ended its organizational operations.  When Green Hearts began in 2005, we saw a need for a voice to speak strongly and clearly about nature-based play as a vital conservation strategy.  Happily, that work is now being done (and done well) by many others, as the public has become much more aware of the value of children's connections with nature.

Given that transformation, plus personal life changes, Green Hearts' Founder, Ken Finch, and the Green Hearts Board of Directors decided to "close up shop."  Although we never achieved all of our original dreams, Green Hearts did greatly surpass our expectations in its educational outreach -- through hundreds of keynote and workshop presentations; diverse and popular publications that continue to be in demand; and extensive advice, teaching, and consulting for a wide range of allied groups. 

We will be keeping this
Green Hearts website live for the foreseeable future, since it seems to be a valuable resource for many people.

Ken Finch is now moving into semi-retirement, but will continue a reduced schedule of work as an individual:  speaking, teaching, consulting, and writing.  He can best be reached at kfinch51@gmail.com

Thank you for your interest, your support, and all of your own efforts to bring children and nature back together!

Green Hearts'

Favorite Resource,

A Parents' Guide
to Nature Play

is on our website.


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